The Isle of Man’s Chris Stott voted Mentor of the Year by The Society Of Satellite Professionals International

January 11, 2016 By

Chris StottThe renowned aerospace industry body, The Society of Satellite Professionals International (“SSPI”), has voted Isle of Man businessman, Chris Stott, as Mentor of the Year 2015 at their 10th Annual Future Leaders Dinner in New York City on 10th November.

Chris Stott founded ManSat on the Isle of Man in 2000 and was instrumental in the formation of the SpaceIsle initiative, which established the Island as a major domicile and corporate service provider to the commercial space sector. But for Chris, doing business and doing good for the next generation are inextricably linked. He set up the ManSat Fellowship to give students from the Isle an opportunity to fully explore the industry he loves. Every year since its founding in 2000, the Fellowship has helped groups of students attend NASA’s United Space School, exposing them to the industry and its many opportunities and giving them a chance to meet and work with other gifted students from all around the world.

Chris is also heavily involved in the Conrad Foundation through ManSat, encouraging students from the Isle of Man to study issues in the space sector and to submit their proposals to the international forum of the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

ManSat has also supported opportunities for Manx students to study at NASA’s Lunar and Planetary Institute together with a series of scholarships for Manx students to attend the International Space University. In addition, Chris volunteers with many NGOs supporting STEM and STEAM education around the world, including the Challenger Centres, the AMAR Foundation, and of course, SSPI itself.

Chris has been a constant source of support and inspiration for students throughout the Isle of Man. In 2004, he arranged the loan of a large piece of Moon rock from the Apollo 15 mission to Manx National Heritage, attracting thousands of visitors and a visit by the British Astronomical Association. More recently, Chris arranged, through ManSat, for a number of Isle of Man students to compete in the United Kingdom model rocket challenge.

An honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society and current SSPI Chairman, Chris is also a graduate and member of the Board of the International Space University and a Founding Trustee of the ISU International Institute of Space Commerce, as well as the Manna Energy Foundation and Geeks Without Frontiers, which brings renewable energy to developing nations.

Cavendish Trust Managing Director, James Cunningham-Davis, said: “In many ways Chris was the founder of the Island’s space industry and has helped to make the Isle of Man almost a household name amongst the major global industry players. Being voted Mentor of the Year builds on Chris’s other recent success when he was elected as Global Chairman of the SSPI. Chris continues to be a great ambassador for the Island and Cavendish continues to work closely with him and ManSat to attract more space companies to set up on the Isle of Man.”