Cavendish Trust joins forces with ManSat at World’s leading Satellite Conference

March 6, 2012 By

In a move to promote the Island as a natural choice for space companies, an influential local business is joining forces with the IOM Government’s approved aerospace organisation at the world’s foremost Satellite Conference and Exhibition, Satellite 2012.

Cavendish Trust, the leading Isle of Man niche international corporate service provider will be working alongside ManSat, the recognised body responsible for handling filing interests of Isle of Man companies applying for selected orbital positions and radio frequencies.

Cavendish Trust has been closely involved with the space and satellite sector for a number of years and has recently been included as a partner of ManSat (

The lead Cavendish Trust Director, will be teaming up at Satellite 2012, taking place in Washington DC from March 12-15, with ManSat Chairman and CEO, Chris Stott, and Board Director, Ian Jarritt.  They will be joined by Tim Craine, the Isle of Man Government’s Director for Space Commerce and Alex Downie MLC, who has Ministerial responsibility for space business.

Satellite 2012 will provide the delegation with the opportunity to further highlight the Isle of Man as a first class jurisdiction for the space and satellite industry. Cavendish Trust is understood to be the only Island based CSP at the event, which attracts thousands of companies and visitors worldwide.

Mr Stott said he was delighted to welcome Cavendish Trust as a partner to ManSat. “Cavendish Trust has demonstrated great commitment to the Island’s flourishing space sector. The type of specialist support skills they provide is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to engage with the Isle of Man and we look forward to working closely with Cavendish Trust in the future. I am delighted that they will be joining our delegation to Satellite 2012.”

Last year, she underwent a week-long executive Space Course run by the International Space University in Strasbourg. As a result, Cavendish is now amongst an exclusive number of trust companies qualified to provide comprehensive management of any Isle of Man company applying for, or already holding, orbital slots.

Fellow Cavendish Trust Director James Cunningham-Davis and other members of staff have also joined the Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI),

“The space sector is an increasingly important niche market for the Island,” she said. “We believe it is extremely beneficial to fly the Isle of Man flag at events such as Satellite 2012, especially when you consider that the recent UK Economic Policy Centre Report on UK Space Policy quoted the Isle of Man as being one of the best places in the world to base a space business.”

The February 2011 Futron Report on Innovative Strategies for Space Competitiveness which stated that the Isle of Man had developed a unique governmental approach to space, focussed on economics tied to developing private sector financial, regulatory, legal and administrative services that supported international aerospace companies.