Cavendish supports the continued growth of the Isle of Man’ Space Sector

May 12, 2015 By

Chris Stott

Chris Stott

The Isle of Man Chapter of the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) last week held an event open to its members and the general public, with ManSat CEO Chris Stott, Chairman of the SSPI globally and the Isle of Man Chapter, speaking on ‘How to sell Space’.

Manxman Chris is based in Houston, but was on the Island to attend a conference of European Telecoms regulators, for which Isle of Man firm ManSat was a sponsor.

Chris was appointed SSPI Chairman in March this year and his talk, at the Embassy Room in The British on North Quay, Douglas, focused on the Island’s vital role in the global satellite industry, and opportunities for Manx companies to develop their space business links. Chris’ presentation drew upon his twenty plus years’ experience in sales, marketing and branding in the space and satellite industry.

‘The satellite industry is worth more than $300 billion a year and enables a larger $4.3 trillion global communications industry,’ said Chris. ‘We have only begun to scratch the surface of the opportunities open to the Isle of Man and to Manx companies in this arena.

‘It was an honour to address the local Chapter. There are real opportunities within the industry for Manx businesses to seize, and I see no reason why the Island’s role and influence cannot continue to grow in the years ahead.’

ManSat played a key role in inventing the space business in the Isle of Man which started with Chris establishing ManSat on the Island back in 2001.

Cavendish Trust, part of Abaris Fiduciary, has been a long term supporter of the Island’s space sector regularly attending leading global industry events such as the annual Satellite expo in Washington DC and the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris. Over the last 10 years Cavendish has worked closely with ManSat to attract new businesses to the Island.

During his speech to the Isle of Man Chapter of the SSPI, Chris made a number of references to the way that Cavendish had invested both time and resource in attracting space related business to the Island. Also to the fact that to be successful in this sector requires commitment, the establishment of relationships and to be in the right place at the right time in the space firm’s business cycle, when the Isle of Man proposition can add value to a company’s business plans.